The Blog Suites

In this section you will find several former blog posts organised into “suites” of related ideas and experiences, which should allow you to read them in some kind of sequence. They are not quite books but could become that in some future life. Each one is designed to be read easily on a smart phone or tablet, on the train say, on the beach or in bed. And why not.

To find out more about the content and how to navigate these pages, read on. If you were hoping to find out more about my current portfolio of work and responsibilities then my Linkedin page is your best bet.

The Blog Suites

These four suites are constructed either from blogs I used to write, or various articles and speeches from my professional life. Click on the titles in bold to begin reading. Unfortunately the suite will not remember you nor where you got to – it’s not a Kindle (yet). For ease of navigation, there is a link at the beginning and end of each section that will take you back or forward to the previous or next section.

1. The Benefits of Uncertainty (1999) – My best effort so far, shaping up to be a definitive collection of ideas culled from many walks of life, that I have found useful at one time or another. A suite in three sections that deals with how risk and insecurity can actually be constructive forces in your life. They certainly have in mine.

Part fantasy, part philosophical treatise; good fun I hope but makes you think.

2. Imprecise thoughts (2020) – A sort of summary of the above, bits and pieces, unfinished. Here’s a real jumble of 15 readymade imprecise thought, ready for you to tear apart. Try one a day maybe, and work through the sequence.

3. Palaver Cottage (2014) – Just when you were thinking there was not much fun on here; we’ve all got to live somewhere, but I even managed to turn this refurb into one of my ongoing cultural projects! Maybe you like doing up properties? This one is my wife’s tenth and last; full refurbishment and development of the first ever completed contract by the young architects Philip Powell & Hidalgo Moya dated 1949, a modest piece of modernist domestic architecture with one of the UK’s first Modernist butterfly roofs.

4. The Gorilla Club (2005)- A sadly now defunct yet popular Diners’ Club from the noughties designed to refresh the networks without the need to focus on outcomes. Based on why gorillas have a large brain… Great fun and very stimulating while it lasted.


5. Creative Entrepreneurship (since 2002) – Over the years I have had the privilege of working with various young entrepreneurs keen to start their own business and succeed, or with people coping with the need to protect their hard-won enterprise and develop resilience.

This suite will be formed of what a close friend of mine calls my “unlocking ideas workshops”,  mainly organised for not-for-profit cultural entrepreneurs and organisations; people with no shortage of good ideas but needing a steer as to which direction to take. Designed to enable without building dependency and so lead to self-motivated progress, I am aiming for this suite eventually to provide access to the sum total of the techniques I have used to help them unlock their potential.

Do send me feedback on any issues or ideas you may have.