Book Three: The Uncertain Commentaries


The final volume. A work in progress, send me a crit.

Note: The purpose of Commentaries on a Text may be described as:

– Determining of the literal or historical sense of the narrative
– Explaining the intellectual sense (allegorical, moral, axiomatic)
– Refuting error
– Confirming understanding



  1. The Material Context: Commentary 1 On Contradiction
  2. False Friends
  3. Life Unstable: Commentary 2 On Uncertainty
  4. Learn: Commentary 3 On Learning
  5. Reflect: Commentary 4 On Thought
  6. Navigate: including Commentaries 5 On Topography and 6 On Space
  7. Evolve: including Commentaries 7 On Temperament and 8 On The Other
  8. Impose