8. Space or Place?

“Space is the opportunity; place is the understood reality” Re-Place-ing Space: The Roles of Place and Space in Collaborative Systems Steve Harrison & Paul Dourish, Xerox Research 1996


I hesitated a long time over whether to head this section Space or Place.

Place it seems to me is so much a marker for the human, a more natural way to begin this next important discussion. But I have chosen Space. Because it has an Imprecise vibration to it, an annoying, niggling way of just being. Continue reading “8. Space or Place?”

1. The Comforts of Precision

Yet behind the successes of our engineers are scattered the remains of countless failed attempts at Precision, evidence of the seemingly intractable nature of chaos. In our desperation to attain the happy state of Precision, we seek out every ounce of Comfort that our feeble attempts at Precision can hold. Continue reading “1. The Comforts of Precision”